Saturday, December 27, 2008

Book Review- Stupid, Stupid Rat-tails by Smith, Sniegoski, Sakai. Rose by Smith & Vess

Do you like the BONE series by Jeff Smith? If so you'll love Stupid, Stupid Rat-tails. This graphic novels takes you on an adventure with Big Johnson Bone, a frontier hero and the founder of Boneville. You will read about his great fight with the rat creatures and learn why they don't have tails. A bonus hilarious tale about Riblet a game loving boar is also included..

BONE fans should also check out Rose by, Jeff Smith & Charles Vess. This Graphic novel is the prequel to BONE and is about Grandma Rose. We learn about her youth and the hard choices she had to make and what the outcomes are...a great read for any fan of graphic novels and beautiful illustrations.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Friends!

On Thursday, December 18th we gathered together to read Gingbread Friends by Jan Brett and decorate gingerbread cookies. A great time was had by all!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Book Review- Cool Stuff Exploded: Get inside modern technology

This big book of "Cool Stuff" explains the inter workings of everyday modern devices (hence the title). Every page has big, bright pictures of everyday tools from microwave ovens to holograms. Some devices are given their own page or two with explanations of how they work and who invented them. Others are groups together into two page spreads. This is a great book for kids and adults alike who always ask the famous question "how does that work?" Even though the descriptions for many of the devices are brief it will peck your inquisitiveness and you just might want to take out another book on that subject.
This book also comes with a CD-ROM that includes amazing animations.

If you like this Non-fiction book you should check out others in this series:
Cool Stuff and how it works
Cool Stuff 2.0 and how it works
Cool Stuff Science Kit

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Review- Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

"One minute I was twelve years old and wondering where I could get enough money for an inner tube for my old used ten-speed. I didn't have any money and my parents didn't have much either". But that all changed when my grandmother gave me grandpa's old lawnmower. I had a few clients in my payroll, then I met Arnold the Stockbroker. That summer he taught me a valuable lesson in business and made me rich. " Five, six weeks ago I was sitting in my yard wondering about an inner tube. Now I'm a thousandaire". I thought I would just mow a few yards and make enough to fix my bike, but that summer I learned a whole lot more.

This humorous and quick pace story will have you pulling out that old lawnmower to try and make some extra cash.

Lawn Boy is a great book for summer reading list and those reluctant readers.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Book Review - Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor

When will 12 year-old Addie’s life be normal? Living with your mentally unstable mother in a trailer with empty boxes of mac ‘n cheese in the cupboards and boxes upon boxes of unused office supplies, is that normal? Hanging out at the gas station mart with your two best friends, who are old enough to be your parents, is that normal? Lying to your ex-stepfather so he will not find out your mother sometimes doesn’t come home for days on end, is that normal? Follow Addie as she searches for happiness and attempts to overcome her life of instability, all the while trying to keep a bright outlook on life. Will her life ever be normal? Read it and find out!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Reading to Dogs! - Saturday, January 31 at 11:30am

Presented by the Bideawee Education, Volunteer, & Outreach Department, children who have pre-registered will have a one-on-one session with a therapy dog, reading aloud from age-appropriate books. Reading out loud to a dog creates a more relaxing and less threatening atmosphere for children for whom reading is a challenge. In addition, reading to a dog creates an environment that is unique and fun for most children. Please contact the Children’s Library for more information and to register for the program. Space is limited.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chess Nights at the Library!

Wednesday, December 3 & 10 at 7pm
Join the Long Island Chessnuts for a lesson in chess and take part in a mini-tournament. This program is free! Grades 3-6