Monday, August 17, 2009

Book Review - Tropical Secrets: Holocaust Refugees in cuba by Margarita Engle

" My parents are musicians-
poor people, not rich.

They had only enough money
for on ticket to flee Germany,....

My parents chose to save me
instead of saving themselves,.....

Thousands of other Jewish refugees
stand all around me
on the deck of this ship
waiting for refuge."

Daniel's parents have made the ultimate sacrifice, they send him on a boat hoping that it will reach the United States. Instead the boat is sent to Cuba where Daniel is one of many Jewish refugees. He befriends a local girls that has as many painful secrets as he does. Daniel does not know what will happen next, and fears that he will never see his parents again and will be sent back to Nazi Germany.


Come and check out the new mystery series at the library called: Ghost Detectors.

Join Malcolm and his best friend Dandy as they start their new career's as Ghost Detectors. It's sure to be a blast

Books in this series

Book 1: It Creeps!
Book 2: I'm Gonna Get You!
Book 3: Tell No One!
Book 4: I Dare You!
Book 5: Draw!
Book 6: Don't Read This!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Book Review - Magickeepers: The Eternal Hourglass by Erica Kirov

Nick is having a tough summer. His report card is awful, his dad is embarrassing, and he doesn’t have a friend in the world. On the morning of his thirteenth birthday all of this changes. Not only does Nick find out that his cousin is the world famous magician, Damien, but he has an entire family of real magicians and guest what?…Nick is the most powerful magician of them all!

Nick's not too happy when they kidnap him and force him to live on the top floor of a casino. This is not just any casino though, here tigers walk freely throughout the hallways, there is snow falling in 90 degree weather and polar bears swim in the family pool. Nick soon finds out that he is there for his own protection and must help unravel a deep, dark family secret. Nick is the only person in the world who can help solve the mystery of the missing hourglass before the evil shadowkeepers get to it or to him first, and they will stop at nothing to find it.

An excellent first book in what hopes to be a great series! Check out the prologue for book #2 at the end of the last chapter.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Reading Finale

Great job to everyone who participated in the 2009 Summer Reading Program. This year we had over 300 children register, who read a total of 2,847 books!

Congratulations to all of the winners from each grade and to the Green Team for winning it at the end! Thank you to the SpoonMan for putting on such a great show!

Remember, just because the summer reading program is over, doesn't mean you should stop reading!!!