Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book Review - Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry

Have you ever had a secret, that you wish you could tell so bad? A secret that's eating you up inside? A secret that you know if you told, would make every thing better and worst at the same it?
"Uncle Ted said Jimmy bumped his head falling off the swing....Uncle Ted got out of the car and ran over to Jimmy. He said he talked to him..He said he slapped Jimmy's face. He jiggle him. When Jimmy didn't wake up, Uncle Ted carried him to the car and placed him gently on the beat seat of his Thunderbird convertible. He didn't even stop to open up the door. The last part is true. The getting out of the car, the talking, the jiggling, the slapping, the carrying, and even the laying down. The first part is not. Jimmy never fell off the swing."
I know what really happened to Jimmy, and that's my secret..

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