Saturday, April 11, 2009

Book Review - Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Seth and Kendra do not want to stay with their grandparents. They barely even know them, and can't imagine having to stay at Fablehaven for two weeks while their parents go on vacation. Little do the children know, but Fablehaven is not just an ordinary estate. It is a refuge for mythical creatures and their grandfather is the caretaker. Fairies, satyrs, trolls, imps, witches and more are bound to the land by ancient laws put in place to keep order and safety among members of this sanctuary. When the rules get broken by a curious and mischievous Seth, powerful forces of evil are unleashed. Kendra and her brother must attempt to save their family and face the biggest challenge of their lives. If you like this book, look for others in the series...

Book 2 - Rise of the Evening Star
Book 3 - Grip of the Shadow Plague
Book 4 - Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
Book 5 - Keys to the Demon Prison (Coming in 2010!)

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