Saturday, March 21, 2009

Book Review - The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine

Have you ever had bad luck? I mean the kind of bad luck that you try your best to avoid but for some reason it sticks to you like crazy glue. Well I had, and guess what? It was the best thing I ever had happen to me and I'm not just saying that.
First let me introduce myself, my name is Harry Otis Sims but every one calls me Dit. There's a story behind how I got the nickname Dit, "when I was little, I used to roll a hoop down Main Street, beating it with a stick as I ran along. One day, two older boys tried to steal my hoop. I hit them with my stick and told them, "Dit away." They laughed. " You talk like a baby. Dit, dit, dit." The name stuck." So that's the story.
Anyway I live in Moundville, Alabama and the year is 1917. The New Postman, Mr. Walker is coming to our town and I'm so happy cause he has a son about my age, and I already have plans for him. We going fishing and hunting and best of all I sure hope he likes Baseball, it's gonna be fun. When the train pulled up and the Walker family step out I get the surprise of my life. He is a She and her name is Emma.

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