Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Review- Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

"One minute I was twelve years old and wondering where I could get enough money for an inner tube for my old used ten-speed. I didn't have any money and my parents didn't have much either". But that all changed when my grandmother gave me grandpa's old lawnmower. I had a few clients in my payroll, then I met Arnold the Stockbroker. That summer he taught me a valuable lesson in business and made me rich. " Five, six weeks ago I was sitting in my yard wondering about an inner tube. Now I'm a thousandaire". I thought I would just mow a few yards and make enough to fix my bike, but that summer I learned a whole lot more.

This humorous and quick pace story will have you pulling out that old lawnmower to try and make some extra cash.

Lawn Boy is a great book for summer reading list and those reluctant readers.

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